A   p a s s i o n   f o r   y o u r   p r o d u c t s
Automatic feeding
Counting loader

This kind of loader provides the packaging machine feeding with a specified number of products.

According to an arrival of classified or flat biscuits, our different devices get the products together depending on the quantity chosen to introduce the batch in the packaging machine.

These loaders are often linked to pressureless devices.
All the equipments feeding a packaging machine.

As we meet many different packaging, we developed many devices fitting most of the machines and coping with the original automatism system or setting as a slave of the master device.

Volumetric loader

This kind of loader feeds the packaging machine according to a specified length of products.

Exclusively with classified products, this loader measures the length of products on edge and put it down the line of the packaging machine.

These loaders are often linked to pressure control systems.

Pressureless device

Any continuous system of machine feeding requires a pressure control system.

We developed 2 systems:

  • pressure control;
  • pressure regulator.
Pressure control by sliding is used to limit the products thrust up to the loader.

The pressure regulator is the most elaborated system to reduce the thrust of products: this system controls and pilots the flow of each line individually by compensating the thickness gaps.
Rows of products

Our systems of distribution provide, with a random arrival of products, a distribution of rows in line.

These devices are used before filling (tartlets) or before packaging.

These equipments are used for round or rectangular products.

Through these systems, the alternative arrival of products can cope to a continuous picking which requires filling gaps.

Linking an exit of chocolate moulder to a robot loader is a usual need the streamer can provide.