A   p a s s i o n   f o r   y o u r   p r o d u c t s
Before the oven
Bin elevator

Our elevator's design can suit most difficult spaces and can hold 1 ton of dough. Many of our customers use this equipment, mainly in stainless materials, and enjoy its easy leading and maintenance.

Thanks to a closed surrounding (with a frontal guillotine door allowing bin handling), the operator is free to work perfectly safely without permanent care while being able to control back himself at any time through the integrated automatism.

Options :
  • supply of bin on casters which are very easy to move;
  • integration of a control system and locking of bins in front of the kneading machine;
  • guillotine door moving through electrical mean.

TechniBiscuit offers a wide range of equipments upstream of the oven:
  • an option of bin elevator holding 1 ton of dough:
    •  bins supply;
    • locking in front of the kneading machine;
  • regular feeding full width of the rotary moulder with an optional crumbled dough:
    • commutable crumbling machine;
    • metal detector;
  • egg wash conveyor which can be washed in place or in washing room;
  • egg wash conveyor with brush.

Rotary moulder feeding

Our equipment provides a constant level of regulary crumbled dough in the hopper of a rotary moulder until 1200mm of wide.

The dough coming from the kneading machine is poured in an hopper with a belt in the bottom bringing the dough in front of the crumbling machine followed by lifting belt feeding the hopper of the rotary moulder.

Mainly in stainless materials, this equipment was specially designed for easy cleaning without retention zones.

Options :
  • commutable crumbling machine to reduce cleaning periods;
  • metal detector on conveyor.