A   p a s s i o n   f o r   y o u r   p r o d u c t s
Tartlet, sandwich and batter depositor
Cream/jam depositor

We master the technique to measure a liquid feeding for a product like "tartlet" or to deposit, first step to make a "sandwich".

A system of rows in line feeding always precedes these machines.

All parameters are available through a screen.

We master two technologies of feeding:
  • liquid feeding;
  • plastic feeding.
When a liquid feeding allows production like "tartlets" or/and "sandwich", a plastic feeding only provides "sandwich".

We developed machines with an important capacity of production as well as an easy change of size for each technology.

We also propose a batter depositor on pan or set on belt.
Batter depositor

We also offer equipment with same technology than our cream/jam depositor, for batter depositor on plate grids or on full band.

We can add a unit to our cream/jam depositor for sandwich with a part to block the products and a suction rail.

That can be a fixed part for low rate or a mobile one for more important needs.

We improved a range of stencils for cream/jam depositor with different diameters and approved options:

  • temperature regulating with watter spread;
  • double flavour;
  • commutable windows;
  • ...